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Costa Rica Destination Spotlight: Experience Los Suenos at a Luxury Resort

Date Published:
Feb 15, 2021
Costa Rica Destination Spotlight: Experience Los Suenos at a Luxury Resort

Costa Rica Destination Spotlight: Experience Los Suenos at a Luxury Resort

When it comes to resorts with a marvelous location, great amenities, easy access, and plenty of activities to enjoy with your family, you don’t have to look further than the Los Suenos Resort in Costa Rica.

What makes Los Suenos a true paradise on earth?

Costa Rica is by far the most popular tourist destination in Central America. It receives over 1.7 million tourists every year. 80% of visitors come from the United States and Canada seeking to eco-tourism related activities. Costa Rica is small, accessible, and the most biodiverse country in the world.

If you’re thinking about going on a vacation to Costa Rica, prepare to experience Los Suenos, the country’s most popular luxury resort and a gateway to your most exciting adventures.

Los Suenos Resort

Los Suenos is a high-end luxury resort that is 1000 acres—the perfect spot for the ultimate getaway or family vacation. Privacy is guaranteed here which is why families can share their vacation without losing their privacy. It’s closely located to all the activities that have made Costa Rica so magical and a unique gem in Central America.

Once you get to the resort, you’ll be welcomed by the stunning views of the 18-hole golf course under a vast curtain of lush rainforest. When choosing to lodge, Los Suenos offers a variety of options:

- Villas: They vary in style and luxury. Their rooms have from 1 to 7 bedrooms.

- Luxury Condos: They have fully equipped kitchens, prestigious living, dining areas, and spacious rooms.

- Private Residences: They overlook the whole property and beyond the azure blue water of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re hosting a party or a family or group occasion, the luxurious Los Suenos residences are the place to do it.

    - Amenities and access: From housekeeping, having a private chef, babysitting services, personal drivers, a personal shopper, to accessing the pool and the beach club, a community gym, and dozens of other on-site activities, the resort is designed to make your stay a place for comfort, tranquility, and relaxation.

    Los Sueños Costa Rica

    Where is Los Suenos located exactly?

    Los Suenos, Costa Rica is one hour away from San Jose and its international airport from the Central Pacific coast. It is close to Herradura and is 7 minutes away from Jaco, a local beach town where you can go to restaurants and do some shopping. All its surrounding areas make it a convenient location to unwind or/and experience plenty of thrilling activities.

    What are the best things to do in the resort?

    1- ATV Tours

    From rainforests, remote villages, waterfalls, beaches to wildlife, Jaco—which is 5 minutes away from the Los Suenos—offers the best ATV tours to explore Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes.

    2- Surfing

    Costa Rica has over 801 miles of coastline and over 300 different beaches to choose from. If you’re a surfer, you are spoiled with your choice of waves. The nearest beaches to the resort are the Herradura beach and Playa Escondida. They are the ideal spots to soak up the sun and enjoy other seaside activities like kayaking and swimming.

    3- Canopy Zipline tour

    Experience the adrenaline rush of zipline canopy tour that will have you fly over wildlife terrain and treetops and contemplate the magnificent views of the Nicoya Peninsula.

    4- Wildlife

    If you’re into bird watching or just being out in nature, you’re quite spoiled for choice in Costa Rica. It is home to over 100 protected wildlife areas to visit. It is a lush tropical country due to the amount of rain it receives, making it a home for different species of animals and the perfect spot for plenty of wildlife adventures and tours like national parks, the Crocodile Mangrove, and the Magical Monkey Mangrove Tour.

    Los Suenos Marina

    5- Sport Fishing

    It’s impossible to talk about Costa Rica without mentioning what it’s internationally recognized for: fishing. Fishing tournaments, like the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown and the Lucas Oil Offshore world championships, make Los Suenos Marina a dreamland for every angler in the world. Fishing charters, as well as a variety of sportfishing boats, are available for anyone looking for an expedition or an ocean retreat.

    Added as a top resort to Travel+ Leisure’s prestigious World’s Best Awards, The Los Suenos Resort in Costa Rica is a gorgeous paradise vacation that can’t be beaten in luxury and quality. Its unique location, world-class spa and fishing charters, restaurants, and golf course— are unrivaled, making it a top vacation destination.