Jaco Day Trips: Quick, Easy & Affordable Day Trips
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Jaco Day Trips - Quick, Easy & Affordable Day Trips from Jaco

Date Published:
Nov 27, 2017
Jaco Day Trips - Quick, Easy & Affordable Day Trips from Jaco

There are many great ways to spend a day with your family or friends while staying in Jaco or Los Suenos. Day trips are the perfect way to get out and enjoy our beautiful Costa Rican rainforests, spend a day sightseeing in our nation’s capital San Jose, or take a cruise to Tortuga Island and experience our superb aquatic life. Located centrally on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Jaco’s ideal location makes a wide variety of day trips quick, easy and affordable.


The Jewel of the Pacific

Often referred to as the “Jewel of the Pacific”, Manuel Antonio National Park is only one hour south of Jaco. Home to a staggering 109 species of mammals, 184 types of birds and a vast array of subtropical flora and fauna, Manuel Antonio National Park also encompasses three white sand beaches that are touted as being some of the finest in the world. In 2011, Forbes Magazine listed Manuel Antonio amongst the world’s 12 most beautiful national parks. Notable mammals indigenous to the park’s protected lands are brown-throated three-toed sloths and Hoffman’s two-toed sloths, along with white-faced capuchin, mantled howler and Central American squirrel monkeys. For this day trip, we recommend you do the park tour with an educated naturalist guide at your side.

Costa Rican naturalist guides are well studied in biodiversity and carry equipment with them that can help you to spot monkeys and other animals that are sometimes hanging out high in the rainforest canopy.

Ujarras Ruins

Sightseeing in San Jose

Another great day trip from Jaco is a full day visit to some of our capital city’s most exciting highlights. A custom trip can be arranged by contacting one of our agents. Our San Jose sightseeing day trips include private transportation and a full day guide to accompany you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the Central Valley.

Located only one and a half hours north-northwest of Jaco, pickup is early in the morning and you should arrive back home in time for dinner.

Enjoy a full day of activities in and around San Jose, including a trip to Paos Volcano and its world-famous acid lake, a stroll through the bizarre-style shopping district at the San Jose Mercado Central Walking Market, a delicious authentic Costa Rican lunch and a stop at the Ruinas de Ujarras and Orosi Valley in Cartago. Built in the 1580s during colonial occupation, Ujarras contains the ruins of one of Costa Rica’s oldest churches and is flanked by lush green vegetation making this a breathtaking spot to visit and photograph.

Jaco Beachfront Rentals

Tropical Paradise at Tortuga Island

A final recommendation for a day trip from Jaco is a cruise through the Pacific Ocean to Tortuga Island. Whether you choose a family or party tour aboard one of our catamarans, or go for a private Tortuga charter aboard our 52’ motor yacht trade cruiser, this Jaco day trip is sure to please. Located just off the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, the tropical paradise of Tortuga Island is home to powdery white sand beaches, exotic coconut palm trees and primary and secondary rainforests that serve as a wildlife refuge.

The clear waters and dense tropical fish provide excellent snorkeling conditions, while diving sites in the area include three sunken ships. Laid back vendors provide rental equipment for a variety of fun-in-the-sun activities to enjoy during your Tortuga day trip from Jaco.