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Fishermans Guide Costa Rica

Date Published:
Aug 21, 2014
Fishermans Guide Costa Rica

One of the most relaxing, engaging activities in Costa Rica comes as fishing. The sport has become so popular that making a reservation comes recommended if one has their heart set on a certain activity. For the more relaxed or adventuresome go with the flow. Whether that comes as fishing charters with a well versed crew or from the shore at peak season the places fill up. Over 100 fishing charters exist to serve the vacationers needs.

Dad and his son holding a caught fish

Costa Rican Vacation

Biologically diverse on land or sea Costa Rica offers an excursion like no other. Highly recommended by travelers if the time is limited are Costa Rican vacation packages. Popular destinations include such names as Los Suenos and San Jose. With tourism as one of its major industries vacation packages come flavored as educational, adventure, nature, fine foods, cultural, leisure or marine. The real question comes as what does the traveler want to do ? Once deciding that a vacation will exist any time of year on any part of the island.

Where the Fish Are

Big game ocean fishing comes as its forte with sailfish, like marlin, tuna, snook or snapper regularly caught. Visiting the local fish bar will help you know the currents, time of year and winds of which fish most likely will be in what area. Being an island surrounded by water means miles and miles of possible fishing grounds. Someone in the area who daily ventures forth will more likely know where the fish are. Adventure Tours will take you right to them and feature several different charters and group rates.

Fresh Water Fishing

With all the grand ocean fishing available one may almost skip over the fact good freshwater fishing exists in the interior. At the base of Arenal Volcano stands a lake full of rainbow bass called guapote. Known for its resistance to letting a fisherman just reel it in, the catching makes for a memorable trip for years to come. Those living dangerously catch the piranha like fish machaca. Tasty with a gleaming white flesh, one bite and a fisherman forgets all about its scrappiness.
Costa Rican fishing has it all. Go and enjoy.