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5 Costa Rica Travel Tips

Date Published:
Aug 19, 2014
5 Costa Rica Travel Tips

When traveling abroad it is always a great idea to plan ahead as much as possible to avoid mishaps during your trip. When preparing for your trip to Costa Rica, you'll need to keep these important tips in mind.

Top 5 Best Costa Rica Travel Tips

When to Visit

For the best combination of weather and smaller crowds, visit Costa Rica during the low season. The low season lasts from mid-November to mid-December and the month of May. If you aren't a fan of larger crowds, avoid visiting during the high season, which lasts from mid-December to April.

Manage Your Money

A good currency exchange converter will show you that the local currency in Costa Rica is known as the colón. Due to the foreign currency exchange rate it may be best to wait to use a currency exchange booth upon arrival in order to avoid a difficult experience. Most shops and restaurants will be able to accept credit card payments and a large number of ATMs are linked to the Plus and Cirrus networks.


In order to help save time, take a domestic flight via Sansa to your final destination. Sansa flies out of each major airport to many smaller regional airports in the country. Bus service is also available between many major destinations. Rental cars are a perfect choice for someone looking to really explore the country and the improved highway system here makes this option extremely enjoyable as well.

Must See Events

No great trip is complete without submerging yourself into the local culture. A great way to do this in Costa Rica is to attends one of the many festivals or celebrations around the country. One such festival, Fiestas de Santa Cruz, takes place during mid-January and features bull fights, folk dancing, rodeos and marimba music.

Become an Explorer

Costa Rica is made up of many breathtaking sights to explore. From great beaches to volcanoes and rain forests there is so much natural beauty here that cannot be missed. Take the time to map out a great itinerary and give yourself a little wiggle room to extend a leg of the trip in case you fall in love with a certain area.