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6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in the Green Season

Date Published:
May 15, 2019
6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica in the Green Season

Are you planning a vacation getaway to the Los Suenos, Costa Rica area but worry you’ll encounter downpours during the “rainy season?” Fear not — that label can mislead and the period from May to November is better known as the “green season.” While more rain falls during this stretch, it’s often just brief showers in the late afternoon and evening. This is especially true along the Pacific coast where most days are sunny during the “wet season.” So don’t worry about fleeting rains and consider some great reasons to see Costa Rica during the green season.

Green Rainforest in Costa Rica

1) Rainforests at Their Finest

If you want to experience a stunning collage of greens, the green season is arguably the best time to visit. While Costa Rica is in the tropics and much of its nature is lush all year, things can get a bit brown around the edges at the height of the dry season. That’s not true when nourishing rains bring out the country’s full bloom! And it’s not just green. Flowers blossom in a rainbow assortment of colors and the explosion of flora brings out even more equally colorful wildlife like Scarlett Macaws, red-eyed tree frogs, and iguanas in a host of hues.

2) Top Spots Are Less Crowded

A huge number of visitors to Costa Rica come from the United States and Europe. And those folks are often looking to escape their winter weather. So while they’re enjoying their few months of mild weather at home, you can revel in better service at restaurants, shorter wait times for tours, less-crowded beaches and more of the rainforest reserves to yourself.

People having fun in a waterfall

3) Waterfalls Are More Wonderful

While picturesque cascades found along lush nature trails can be enjoyed year-round, to really see a stunning show you should visit waterfalls during the green season. At this time they tumble from fast-flowing mountain waterways with majestic beauty and strength not seen during other seasons.

4) Amazing Inshore Fishing

The nighttime rains of the green season sweep debris from the forest into the ocean. This flotsam creates spots where fish love to hide and the inshore reefs are bountiful with mackerels, roosters, as well as medium-sized yellowfins and wahoos. You’re also apt to come across a powerful Black Marlin or two. While many anglers love to head out into deep waters for a full day of fishing, if you’re looking to do a half day charter and stick close to shore there’s almost no better time to guarantee an inshore catch than during the green season.

Rafting in the Pacuare River

5) Whitewater Adventures Are More Intense

If you’re itching for a whitewater adventure, the green season is the time to head to Costa Rica. World-class rapids can be visited with a day trip from the Central Pacific coast and these runs up their intensity from May to November. Perfect for seasoned rafters and adventure-seeking newbies alike, rapids that course in Class II and Class III ranges transform into wild Class IV rides during the green season.

6) Temperatures Are More Moderate

Warm weather is one of Costa Rica’s biggest draw, but at the height of the dry season, it can be a little much for those not accustomed to balmy climates. Temperatures fall a bit overall during the green season and refreshing rains that can come late in the day offer a cooling break from the tropical sun. It’s the perfect time to ease back into a hammock under a thatched roof and enjoy the laid-back vibe that’s embodied in the country’s mantra “Pura Vida.”

So whether you’re thinking of basking on Playa Jaco, exploring sanctuaries like Manuel Antonio Park or visiting a volcano, the green season is the perfect time for your trip to Costa Rica.