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TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame Awardees

Adventure Tours Costa Rica is proud to announce that we have been awarded membership into TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence is bestowed on a select few; those who have demonstrated excellence in their field, as indicated by consistently high ratings for a period of five consecutive years.

The Hall of Fame honor is granted when those ratings remain at 4-out-of-5 stars, (or higher), over each year-long period for a term of no less than five consecutive years. We are proud to announce that Adventure Tours Costa Rica has maintained this level of excellence for over a decade!

Adventure Tours Costa Rica

The secret to our success is our earnest personal commitment to quality of service that we have extended to the thousands of travelers who have left their vacation planning in our hands. We owe our reputation to our satisfied customers who have trusted us with their dreams, and who have graciously voiced their opinions on TripAdvisor upon their return home.

As the most trusted travel site in the world, TripAdvisor provides an excellent resource to help vacationers experience the adventure of a lifetime. Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame recognition is among our greatest achievements.

Our climb to the top of Costa Rican Tourism

As one of the world's premier travel destinations, Costa Rica is overwhelmed with travel "experts," all of which promise unparalleled service. Unfortunately, very few are able to deliver on their promises, leaving customers feeling disappointed and skeptical. It is from this fray that Adventure Tours Costa Rica has risen to distinction among the masses. By providing unmatched, personalized service from Day One, we have been able to set ourselves apart. With over a decade of excellent TripAdvisor reviews, we now stand above the flock as genuine Costa Rica travel experts.

Our unique business model has helped us achieve our goals

Adventure Tours is a unique travel agency, and it is in part to this uniqueness that we owe our success. We are the only travel agency in Costa Rica that is also a tour operator. We are also the only Costa Rican travel agency with over 1,000 positive TripAdvisor reviews. We stand alone as the only Costa Rican agency that has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for over a decade running, and finally, we are the only Costa Rican travel agency that has been inducted into the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame. From your arrival in-country until your return back home, our goal is to leave you with a lifetime of wonderful memories.