Full Day Waterfall Tour
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Full Day Waterfall Tour
Waterfalls & Wildlife

Full Day Waterfall Tour

Are you ready for an adventure that will make your heart race and leave you in awe of nature's beauty? Then hop on board our full day waterfall tour and get ready to be amazed!

This exhilarating excursion will take you on a journey through lush rainforests teeming with diverse wildlife, where cascading waterfalls steal the show. Soak in the tranquility of serene jungle pools and enjoy fascinating stories and insights about the local ecosystem provided by your knowledgeable guides. Prepare to be captivated as you discover hidden gems tucked away in the heart of paradise.

Full Day Waterfall Tour Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
With lush greenery surrounding you and cool mist spraying on your face, it's impossible not to feel alive and exhilarated by mother nature's wonders.

A Scenic Drive to Start your Day

Manuel Antonio Full Day Waterfall Tour Costa Rica

With a bright and early pick up from your local hotel, you'll hit the road in style, driving through picturesque countryside that includes over 60 thousand hectares of stunning African palm plantations. As you cruise along, your knowledgeable bilingual guide will regale you with fascinating insights into the harvesting and processing of the African palm, and why this crop is so vital to Costa Rica's economy. You'll also learn fun facts about the area's history, culture, and, of course, its magnificent waterfalls.

Submerge Yourself in Awe-Inspiring Cascades

Manuel Antonio Full Day Waterfall Tour Costa Rica

As you arrive at the first waterfall destination, prepare to be transported into nature's spectacular playground. With lush greenery surrounding you and cool mist spraying on your face, it's impossible not to feel alive and exhilarated by mother nature's wonders.

Portalon, a natural double waterfall with two cascades, two pools and double the fun, invites you to jump, swim and relax in its refreshing waters. As you approach on foot, you may notice exotic wildlife observing you from high in the rainforest canopy. Natural water sources in the jungle are a hub for the many creatures who live here. As you enjoy Portalon's incredible falls, you may spot curious monkeys, gentle sloths, and an incredible variety of colorful tropical birds.

You'll spend half an hour enjoying Portalon before heading out for the next exciting stop on your tour.

Manuel Antonio Waterfall Full Day Tour Costa Rica

Our next stop is nestled near the town of Uvita, a spectacular waterfall known as La Esmeralda. Experience the sheer exhilaration of rushing down a magnificent natural rock slide, plummeting with a surge of adrenaline into the crystal-clear depths of La Esmeralda's enchanting pool. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters as you revel in the beauty of this breathtaking setting. Jump, splash, and relax in the magic of this extraordinary destination. We've allowed a full half hour for you to savor every bit of wonder La Esmeralda has to offer.

As we approach our next destination, prepare to be spellbound by another breathtaking waterfall. This one has its own unique feature - an oversized rock formation at the waterfall's center. Pavon Falls stands over 25 feet tall, and beckons you to take a dip in its clear, tumbling waters. Let your worries lift away as you swim under cascading water and feel its invigorating touch on your skin. While you delight and relax in Pavon's charms, your guide will prepare a delicious tropical fruit snack you can enjoy before traveling on to your next destination.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Full Day Waterfall Tour

Following a short drive, you will arrive at your next destination: Playa Ventanas. This beautiful tropical beach is home to a unique 300-foot-long cavern, set against a backdrop of stunning mountains, lush rainforests and swaying palm trees. Take your time to explore the cavern and revel in its natural beauty. Slip into the pools and take a swim in this otherworldly cave. Don't forget to snap some incredible photos while you marvel at this stunning natural wonder.

After working up an appetite in the Playa Ventanas Cavern, it's time to recharge with a delicious, mouthwatering lunch. The next stop on your tour is a visit to Costa Ballena, a well-loved local restaurant serving up delicious traditional Costa Rican cuisine. Chow down on a casado, a classic Costa Rican meal that includes rice and beans, fresh vegetables and your choice of protein.

Enjoy Some Local Culture

The final stop of your unforgettable day in paradise is a visit to a small surf community called Sunday. Delight in the vibrant coastal marketplace, nestled by the ocean, where you can browse locally handmade crafts and perhaps pick up a few gifts for your friends and family back home. Once you've had time to stroll the sandy enclave of Sunday, your adventure comes to a close with a drop off back at your hotel.

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Isaac Hoffman

Cincinnati, OH


John Kelly

Topsham, ME

Wife and I loved this tour. We had a great time swimming in the waterfalls. Our guide was nice and lunch was tasty.

Sue Boyle

Midway, TN


Phil Moran

Fall River, MA

This tour made me want to live in Costa Rica

Monica Saunders

Cordell, OK

Spectacular waterfalls and a knowledgeable local guide made this tour unforgettable. Highly recommended!

Christie Mills

Brownsville, TX

Immersive! Nature and culture. Really great adventure.

Bryan Hunt

Freeport, PA

Our guide was great. Awesome tour!

Sally Hastings

Hendersonville, NC

We loved swimming in all the different waterfalls. Bring a towel!

Megan Murphy

Cranston, RI

We loved this tour. It was like a pub crawl, but instead of bars we visited multiple waterfalls! The cave and the art market were also really cool. Recommended.

Jamie Pittman

Pearisburg, VA

This tour was an absolute delight. From the refreshing waterfalls to spending time at the quirky market - this was an awesome way to spend our day.

Hannah Turner

Prairie du Chien, WI

So pretty! Amazing waterfalls.

J Marsh

Bloomington, IN

We loved the cave at Playa Ventanans and lunch was delicious