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La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Rafting & Rappelling
Combo Tour

La Fortuna Rafting & Waterfall Rappelling Combo Tour

Challenge your adventurous side with a day of rafting and waterfall rappelling near the active Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.

You’ll start off saying goodbye to your hotel and embarking on an exciting drive through the beautiful rainforest to the Lost Canyon Operations Center. Of course, safety will be first on the agenda, with an important demonstration on best practices for rappelling and down-climbing. With safety in mind, everyone will be wearing a pro helmet and will learn how to work a sit harness.

Free Falls and Rappelling

After learning the important safety precautions to take and how to use your equipment, you will surely start feeling the excitement of the thrilling adventure you are about to have. We will start out with a smaller ten-foot drop called "Baby’" to get everyone ready for the upcoming more challenging rappels. This rappel is a ten-foot drop near a waterfall that will get everyone comfortable with their gear, harness and on the lines.

Once comfortable, it’s time to hike through dense rainforest, past rocky boulders, beautiful streams and amazing flora and fauna to the next stage of the rappelling adventure. "Baby" will surely live up to its name compared to this next surface near a 150-foot waterfall which will be the next rappel on the agenda. The picture perfect location is awe-inspiring to look at, and you’ll get quite the view from the platform before you begin the rappel down. Halfway down the rocky rappel, the experienced guides with you will give you the ‘all clear’ to let go, and this is when the real adrenaline pumping excitement begins! You’ll let go of the reins and start the free fall.

Now that you are really ready for anything, it’s time for a 200-foot drop that also has a mix of rappelling and free fall, all next to an amazing scene of rock, waterfall and beautiful jungle. This time, when the guides call to release the reins, you’ll be even more ready, a seasoned free fall enthusiast ready to feel the wind in your hair during the exhilarating drop.

Once you’ve done this final rappel and free fall of the morning, you will definitely be hungry for more adventure. But before you head back out for more excitement, it will be a great time for a break to hang out and swim next to the unspoiled waterfalls and amazing Costa Rican scenery.

Balsa River Whitewater Rafting

Spending the afternoon on another exhilarating adventure is next on the list. After a quick drive to the riverbank of the Rio Balsa, there will be another safety briefing regarding what to do in these Class II and Class III whitewater rapids.

You will learn important paddling techniques, safety signals for the group, as well as the guide and river rules. You will be equipped with a lifejacket, paddle and a helmet.

As everyone in the group gets used to paddling out on the calmer part of the river, you will all get into a good rhythm and start getting a feel for what’s to come. Once you are ready, you will be guided towards the first rapids, with some of the most thrilling Class III whitewater rapids ahead.

Don’t worry, you won’t see any actual crocodiles in the 'Rock Around the Croc’ rapids!

After that stimulating first foray into Class III rapids, you’ll have time to regroup on yet another calm section of the Balsa River where the group can stop ashore for a fruit and drink break.

A snack and a swim later, and it’s time to head back out for the second part of your whitewater rafting fun. You will hit more Class II and Class III rapids with confidence with the rafting skills you’ve learned. In between each section of rapids, there will be time to enjoy the tranquil parts of the river and check out the amazing scenery. You may even see sloths or monkeys going from tree to tree!

At the end of the Balsa River adventure, you will be brought to a spectacular jungle lodge for a real treat.

A Traditional Costa Rican Feast

At the Jungle Lodge, you will soon see why this amazing spot has been chosen for the last leg of the trip. After all of the physical play of the day, you will likely be ready to re-fuel your body. Head to the buffet in the picturesque open air restaurant for well-deserved food with an amazing view. With plenty of choices for meat eaters and vegetarians alike, there are fresh dishes and plenty of salsa choices for whatever you desire. This traditional Costa Rican feast also includes fresh fruit beverages or an ice cold beer. When finished, you will be driven back to your hotel where you can reflect on an amazing day of adventure.

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Lionel Age

Saint-Étienne, France
C'etait vraiment magnifique. Merci a tous.

Alan Hernandez

Escazu, Costa Rica
Excelente. Profesionalismo y adrenalina. Mil gracias.

Brandon Kellog

Santa Barbara, California
Now this was a REAL ADVENTURE! I never thought I could do anything like this before, but I was totally fine in the hands of our guides. They made every step easy for us and everything was thrilling. Thank you! I'll never forget this. :)

Jerry James

Louisville, Kentucky
Thank you to the entire team for your instruction, professionalism and general friendliness. What a scream this tour was. Although intimidating at first, Miguel and company quickly had us settled in and enjoying. Unforgettable experience.

Andrew Blake

Kansas City, Missouri
WOW! That'll wake you up in the morning! What a great experience. Thank you to Miguel who was awesome - fun, friendly, and most importantly - an absolute stud and pro. Highly highly highly recommended.

Waren Childs

Detriot, Michigan
I am an adrenaline junkie for sure. This trip was genuinely fun. The staff was good and professional. I would highly recommend this trip to my friends back home.

Gary Brown

Long Island, New York
In a word, HUEVOS. That's the Tico word I was taught. It took major huevos to make that first rappel. YIKES! I got through it and the rest was an adrenaline pumping leap. I won't ever forget this adventure. Lots of praise.

Clint Carter

Nashville, Tennessee
My boys and I had an incredible experience with this outfit. Friendly and professional staff. The rappelling and whitewater rafting were both fantastic. We loved La Fortuna and we love Costa Rica!

Carrie Brown

Chicago, Illinois
What a ride! This tour had it all. If you're an adventurer and adrenaline junkie - this is what you're looking for. This was my experience in Costa Rica.

Abby Fisher

Cincinnati, Ohio
This was an incredible experience. I was a challenge for sure, but well well worth it. Bring your courage and you will have a great experience.

Chad Brown

Hartford, Connecticut
Bring your big boy pants (or big girl) for this one. It took some major psyching myself up to start the rappel. This was an incredible adventure I will never forget.

Alyssa Heinz

Annapolis, Maryland
My boyfriend talked me in to this adventure. I gotta say I was pretty intimidated by it, but the guys that took us out were phenomenal. Their professionalism and experience immediately lessened my anxiety. They got me over the hump and I had an amazing time. If you're feeling gutsy and are visiting La Fortuna, this tour is highly recommended.

Kyle Powers

Houston, Texas
WOOOOO! What a RUSH. This was an epic adventure. The guides are super pro, otherwise there was no way I was rappelling down there. Crazy fun. Thank you Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

Kevin Haskins

Austin, Texas
What a rush. Crazy adrenaline adventure for sure. We decided to do this trip on our last day before returning home and it was all we talked about on the plane home. Once in a lifetime memory.

Paul R


This place is epic! You have to check them out. The prices are good and the tours are even better than the prices.