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La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Arenal Canopy, Tram & Walk
ziplines + nature trails

Arenal La Fortuna Canopy, Tram & Walk Combo Tour

This amazing combo tour features a rainforest hike through exotic tropical nature trails, a thrilling series of zip line rides, and a high-altitude mountain gondola ride featuring incredible vistas of Arenal Volcano.

At an elevation of over 2,500 feet, incredible views of the unspoiled rainforest valley below provide an experience you’ll not soon forget!

A Soaring Tram Ride in the Mountains

On your top-of-the-line, open-air gondola ride, incredible heights and stunning views combine to create an exhilarating experience that conjures feelings of tranquility and excitement simultaneously. Oneness with nature is on offer here. Tropical birds fly by as you slowly ascend, their stunning colors standing out against the blue skies and white clouds.

Lush green rainforests fill the landscapes below. Climbing to an elevation of 2,500 feet, the top of the rainforest canopy becomes visible, providing a rare view of the treetop wildlife habitats that are rarely visible from the ground.

Once you arrive at the observation deck, the full majesty of the experience sinks in. Living in this moment is almost otherwordly. With views like these, it’s no wonder that this incredible Costa Rican lookout is so highly coveted by adventure-seekers from around the world.

A Wonderous Wilderness Trek

White-faced capuchin monkeys play in the trees while adorable sloths cling to tree trunks and branches!
Family at La Fortuna Hanging Bridges

While strolling through approximately two-and-one-half miles of sublime rainforest hiking trails, indiginous mammals, birds, insects and reptiles carry on with their daily activities. Curious eyes may peek at you from behind elegant, towering trees and dense vegetation. These intricate ecosystems are in balance throughout the primary and secondary rainforest. Your naturalist guide shares interesting facts about the plants and animals you encounter here. The trails slope gently as you climb to higher elevations.

Following a gentle incline, the terrain becomes somewhat more rugged. Diving deeper into the rainforest, wildlife surrounds you here. Howler monkey troops call to each other with their distinctive, throaty whoops. Raccoons scurry and investigate the foliage with their articulate, fingered paws. Laid-back sloths appear nearly frozen as they move at a molasses rate, their adorable faces curved in a lazy smile. The forest floor is a shadowed patchwork of lush greenery. Curious, capuchin monkeys swing in for a closer look. As you approach a secluded waterfall, this is a perfect place to take a break and snap a few incredible photos.

Following your photo session, the more daring in your group might decide to climb to the top of one of the waterfalls, where a Tarzan swing promises adventure. After tasting a bit of adrenaline, you may decide to take it one step further and rappel down the face of a cascading waterfall. These opportunities are available to you here.

The next stage of your journey includes a series of hanging bridges. At an elevation of nearly 250 feet above the rainforest floor, the bridges gently sway with the wind and offer beautiful views. If you find yourself unable to look down as you cross the suspension bridges, these walkways are punctuated by lookout points where you can take it all in from a stable vantagepoint.

Treetop Canopy Zip Lines

On a soaring sky trek adventure, the next part of your combo tour is a series of high-elevation, heart-pounding ziplines that crisscross the rainforest canopy and offer unforgettable vistas of Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano. Learn the ropes, harness up and take flight on a jungle canopy experience that offers adrenaline and thrills for all. Be prepared for incredible heights and considerable speeds. This series of 6 zip lines reach velocities of up to 43 miles per hour.

Following a short practice cable, you will embark on the longest cable in the series. Spanning almost 2,500 feet, the overwhelming feeling of free-flying is hard to deny. On the last line in the series, you can spread out like Superman in an inverted harness that allows you to stretch your arms in front of you and take flight. Modern braking systems on these state-of-the-art cables guarantee soft landings as you move through the course.

If you’ve worked up an appetite from your big day of many adventures, have no fear. The on-site Chillout Restaurant is available for you to purchase a delicious meal, relax, recharge and share your stories and best moments of the day with each other.

This hard-to-beat, one day tour in La Fortuna offers nature walks, hanging bridges, an incredible tram ride, and a series of heart-pounding ziplines, making it a must-do in the area

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La Fortuna Combo Tour

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Arenal Volcano Hike

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Arenal Safari Float

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Judith Newman

Monterey, CA

We had such a good time. Zip lining through the rainforest is a must! The guides were friendly and nice. We saw tropical birds and a monkey in the canopy. This was our first trip to Costa Rica and everything was wonderful. We would definitely book this tour again.

Kayla Washington

Bethesda, MD

Views were amazing. I almost chickened out at the beginning, but the guides were great and I am so glad I didn't. Highly recommend!

Diego Garcia

Phoenix, AZ

Me encantó, hemos visto muchos animales y la increíble selva tropical. Los guías fueron muy amables y explicaron todo sobre el volcán y la naturaleza que lo rodea, ademas el canopy estuvo super divertido…

Greg Maxwell

Orlando, FL

We had such a good time. Ziplining through the rainforest is the best! The guides were so helpful and funny. Would definitely book this tour again when we come back to Costa Rica.

Marina Collado

New York, NY

Fue uno de los mejores recorridos para nosotros en Costa Rica encontramos muchos animales y quedamos enamorados de este país y especialmente de esta región. Muchas gracias por esa experiencia.

Sherri Tillet

Provo, UT

This activity was amazing! They picked us on time at our hotel and our guide was really passionate and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this combo. I expected the tour to be physically difficult but it was no problem. We enjoyed it a lot!!!

Zack Freeman

Manchester, NH

This combo tour was so much fun that we went a second time the next day for the zipline. We saw a lot of wildlife, a sloth, iguanas and macaws on our way to ziplining.

Antonio Mendoza

Los Angeles, CA

Hemos realizado la caminata por el sendero largo y nos ha encantado el paisaje y las vistas que ofrece del volcán. (Hemos tenido la suerte de que estuviese despejado), guías muy preparados.

Katherine Cole

Boise, ID

Very exciting adventure. We are parents of pre-teens so we were pretty hesitant of this "extreme" tour. Our boys really wanted to go so we took the plunge. The guides are so helpful and they were great with the kids. We had a lot of fun! Thank you

Jorge Velez

San Antonio, TX

¡Esta caminata fue muy divertida!, puedes ver algunas vistas increíbles y si tienes suerte ver muchas animales como perezosos, aves de diferentes tipos (las lapas son mis favoritas). Quedamos muy felices!!

Francisca Morales

Cayala, Guate

Mi primera vez haciendo canopy y fue una experiencia increíble. Mirar toda la naturaleza de Costa Rica desde muy arriba hizo que quisiera regresar a este país.

Glen Schultz

Macon, GA

This tour is an excellent way to see wildlife and the Arenal Volcano. Great views of the volcano and the incredible rainforest. The zipline was the best!!!

Charlie Santos

Aurora, Colorado
The zip lines here were incredible. Fast and furious. We LOVED it!

Stephen Kaler

Albuquerque, New Mexico
This awesome tour had it all. Tranquility and adrenaline. Don't miss.

Cameron Norris

San Antonio, Texas
Soaring and sightseeing. The guides were friendly, professional and helpful. Definitely put us at ease. This is a great outfit. Thanks!

Kevin Hardy

Chattanooga, Tennessee
What a fantastic day. This tour wasn't just about the thrills, the scenery and views were amazing. Absolutely worth both the time and the money.

Dave C

Sarasota Florida

This tour was worth every penny!