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Los Sueños, Costa Rica

Bambu Sushi
Asian Cuisine

Bambu Sushi

Sushi Handrolls Made From the Marina’s Freshest Daily Catch

Located in the Los Suenos Resort Marina Village, Bambu is an exotic taste of the Orient featuring Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese fusion cuisine.

The modern bamboo-inspired interior and innovative Sushi handrolls made from the Marina’s freshest daily catch make this Los Suenos Restaurant an excellent choice for lunch or dinner.

We recommend the Tackle and Zing Coconut Shrimp, as well as the delicious Thai Curries. For Sashimi, try the Tuna or the Red Snapper. The Tempura Shrimp Hand Roll, Volcano Roll and Pimpin’ Shrimp Rolls are outstanding.

For lunch, try the Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwiches, or the all-time Japanese mid-day favorite – a delicious Bento Box.


What is standard tipping practice in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans are not strangers to the generous tippers from the United States, and in fact many depend upon it. Service industry workers such as drivers and guides are accustomed to receiving what their equals might receive in the US.

However, one notable exception is the Costa Rican restaurant. It in not uncommon to be automatically charged 10% for service and 13% for taxes at many restaurants in Costa Rica. Though some unknowingly tip 15% - 20% on top of this inflated amount, adding 10% for excellent service can be seen as both a gesture of generosity and understanding.