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Costa Rica Fishing in Green Season

Posted on: Costa Rica Fishing in Green Season

Costa Rica fishing in May through October is considered the Green season.  We do get rain a few days a week, but most of it is late in the day or in the evening.  The only time we get steady rain for multiple days is when there is a tropical system or hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean.  We don’t get hurricanes here in Costa Rica.

Most days fishing from Los Suenos are sunny to partly cloudy, and get cloudier towards the late afternoon.  There is still plenty of sun to get out and do things.

Costa Rica inshore fishing is usually good to excellent all the green season months.  Your bait is usually easy to catch, and there are good numbers of rooster fish, Cubera Snapper (as well as smaller species of snapper), big amberjacks, and several other species of fish to catch inshore.

There are usually plenty of small wahoo in the 10 to 40 pound range which can also be caught trolling around some of the inshore reef areas.  Small yellow fin tuna in the 5 to 20 pound range can also be found in the same area.

Costa Rica offshore fishing in June through October stays consistent.  Variety of species is good, and this is primary yellow fin tuna & marlin season.

I tend to expect two to eight sailfish bites most days, but occasionally get lucky with 10 to 15 or more.  This is more so the case when we fish the area where we get sailfish bites and target them.  I generally prefer to keep moving and look for floating debris, porpoises, spinner dolphins or birds, but if billfish is your sole purpose, then that’s what we target.

The porpoises and birds mean larger yellow fin tunas are nearby.  Most tunas traveling near the porpoises average 50-100lbs, but we regularly catch them larger.  The tunas have been very steady all season and usually get bigger and more consistent later in the season August- October.

Fishing from Los Suenos in green season, it is not uncommon to see a marlin or two while trolling.  However, there are some days we don’t see one at all.

Our best chance is to find some floating debris holding bait such as small tunas and mahi-mahi of all sizes.  This is very common this time of year, and more appear as we get later into green season fishing (August – October).

Finding a good piece can mean multiple marlin bites - 5 to 10 is entirely possible.  It can also mean lots of small yellow-fins, mahi-mahi (Dorado) of all sizes, a few tripletails, wahoo and more.  We don’t always find a good piece, but sometime we get lucky and can fish the same piece for a few days in a row.

Whether low-season, high-season, dry-season or green-season - Costa Rica fishing is among the best the world over, and the Los Suenos Resort Marina is the by far the best place to do it from.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Costa Rica Fishing report.  Until next time – Tight Lines!

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