April 1, 2023, Costa Rica Fishing Report
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April 1, 2023, Costa Rica Fishing Report

Date Published:
Apr 01, 2023
April 1, 2023, Costa Rica Fishing Report

April 1, 2023, Costa Rica Fishing Report

Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast is rapidly approaching the rainy season. This means now is the time to book your excursion before the rains come in. However, the fishing conditions are still prime for anglers across the world.

In fact, since there are fewer anglers on the water, you have a better chance of reeling in an impressive catch. Book your fishing charter with Adventure Tours Costa Rica today and prepare for a spring break you will surely remember.

What to Expect From the Weather in Early-April

Rooster Fish

With the rains coming in next month, now is the best time to enjoy what's left of the Costa Rican Verrado. You can expect temperatures to reach highs around 87° Fahrenheit while you shouldn't see temps lower than 79°F. The fish are still drawn to the 85° water temperature in Jaco and Los Suenos.

While we will see more rain in April than in March, we are not quite into the rainy season yet. You should still see plenty of days where precipitation does not impact your fishing opportunities this trip.

Angler Perks in April Fishing Excursions

One of the top reasons to choose Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast for your fishing charter is that you can expect both inshore and offshore bites. Here are some of the most coveted bites you can expect to reel in over the coming weeks:

What’s Biting Inshore?

If you tend to stick to inshore fishing, early April could be one of your last opportunities to reel in the aggressive and highly sought-after roosterfish. Since we are reaching the end of the roosterfish season, now is the time to book your charter. In addition to roosterfish, you could also expect grouper and silver tarpon to bite.

What’s Biting Offshore?

Anglers to spend most of their excursion offshore are in for a treat in early April. Sailfish season is on its way out, but they are still plentiful this time of year. Marlin is also frequently sought after, although black marlin will begin the peak of their season. You could also expect to catch some blue or striped marlin in Jaco and along Los Suenos.