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Where to stay in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Nov 23, 2013
Where to stay in Costa Rica

Where To Stay In Costa Rica

One of the most important parts of any trip is where you stay. This, in some cases, can be the difference between an amazing trip or a horrible one. That's why finding where to stay in Costa Rica is an integral part of planning your trip. With tourism being such a large part of Costa Rica's income, and the fact that it is growing each year, you will find there are a lot of choices of places to stay.

Just like anyplace you may travel to, there are some great places, good places, OK places and not very good places. If it's your first time traveling to Costa Rica you may find it difficult knowing which place to choose. With that being said there are plenty of really nice places to stay that will fit in to almost any budget. All you need is someone that knows where to stay in Costa Rica to steer you in the right direction.

Costa Rica Hotels

The first thing that generally comes to mind when choosing where to stay in Costa Rica, or on any trip, is a hotel. This is because hotels are made specifically with travelers in mind.

A beautiful hotel bedroom in Jaco

Some great reasons for choosing a hotel are, price, convenience, service and availability. Of all the possible places to stay, hotels will generally have the lowest price points. You are only renting a room or at most a suite so they are usually cheaper than renting a condo or vacation rental home. Hotels also offer some great amenities such as breakfast, a pool and other services. Some hotels, like the Los Suenos Marriott, have other special attractions attached to them such as an in house casino, multiple restaurants and spas. The Los Suenos Marriott also is attached to La Iguana Golf Club.

While hotels have a lot to offer there are a few drawbacks. You do not have a lot of space in a hotel unless you're in a suite, and there are a limited number of suites available in most hotels. Also if you're staying with a large party or extended family, you will have to book multiple rooms. Finally, because the rooms are right on top of each other you have limited privacy. Still, hotels are a great option on where to stay in Costa Rica, especially if you are in a budget and plan on spending most of your time out and about.

Vacation Rentals and Condos

When searching for where to stay in Costa Rica many people don't realize how many vacation rentals and condos are available. With tourism on the rise, more and more of these types of accommodations are being built every day. They do tend to be a little more than your average hotel but, are well worth it, offering all the comforts of home in a luxury setting.

Luxury Vacation in Los Suenos

One of the great things about choosing a vacation rental or condo is the privacy. Since you are not right on top of a bunch of people it makes for a much quieter, more secluded setting. While these units are usually close to everything you may want to see or do, they are still far off enough from the beaten path to give you some peace and quiet when you want it. You also have plenty of room as these are basically built more like a home then a room rental. Most have very nice kitchens, full sized living rooms, dining areas, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well other amenities like a washer and dryer, pool, Jacuzzi and more. If you are wondering where to stay in Costa Rica with a large group, then vacation rentals and condos are the perfect option. Since they offer anywhere from 2 bedrooms up, you can find one to fit almost any sized group. These are great if you're taking a large family trip or perfect for a group of buddies going on a Costa Rica fishing trip. Best of all, you can save a little money by eating in every once in a while as these units have fully functional, gourmet kitchens. For the fisherman who likes to eat their fresh catch, it's the perfect place to come back to and prepare your fish.

Costa Rica vacation rentals and condos do tend to cost a little more than a hotel but, if you have a big enough group sharing the expense it really is not that much more. Combine that with the beautiful settings and top of the line luxury accommodations, and they are well worth paying a little more for.

Tips For Choosing Where To Stay In Costa Rica

With the options mentioned above you may be wondering how to choose where to stay in Costa Rica. Here are a few simple tips to help you make the choice that is right for you.

Los Suenos Hotel Marriott

The first thing to take into consideration is your budget. While you want to be sure to stay in a nice place, you still want to be able to afford to see and do some of the amazing tours Costa Rica has to offer. If money is not an object, then by all means go for the best of the best, but if you are on a budget, be sure to compare prices. Take in to consideration the amount of people traveling with you. If you are traveling with a group of people such as a large family, you may want to keep everyone together and go more for a vacation rental or condo. While some hotels can put multiple rooms together, it is much easier to keep track of everyone if they are all in one central place, this is especially true if you're traveling with children. How much time do you plan on spending where you stay is also a factor on where to stay in Costa Rica. If you are looking to just relax and enjoy the climate and scenery of the country, you will probably want a more secluded place to stay. If you are simply using where you stay as a place to sleep and shower, a smaller and less expensive room may be the way to go. No matter which way you decide to go when choosing where to stay in Costa Rica, there are some great options available. Adventure Tours Costa Rica can easily set you up with the perfect place to stay so you can enjoy your visit to its fullest.

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