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Private Tours Of Tortuga Island

Date Published:
Jul 17, 2014
Private Tours Of Tortuga Island

Located in the Caribbean, Tortuga Island has plenty to offer the vacationer. Beautiful, natural and full of exciting opportunities for adventure; the island is one of the best choices for those who want to relax in style and away from a busy city life. For those who are booking a Costa Rica vacation package, it may be possible to book a tour of Tortuga Island along with it. Doing so will provide the opportunity for an amazing experience.
What to Expect from Your Costa Rica Vacation and Tortuga Island
There is a lot to expect when visiting Tortuga Island. The white sand beaches are often one of the reasons so many people visit. You can spend the afternoon fishing or scuba diving. The tropical fish and crystal clear water there is an incredible experience in itself. You may want to spend some time exploring Los Suenos and Jaco Beach; both of which are popular tourism destinations because of their beaches, eateries and entertainment options.
There are a variety of ways to experience Tortuga. You can rent a catamaran for example. This gives you access to all of the pristine natural beauty that the island has to offer. You'll see dolphins and possibly a humpback whale on your trip. Other things to do on the island include but are not limited to:
Banana boat rides
Gulf of Nicoya tours
There is no doubt you'll want to make a trip to Tortuga Island a part of your experience in Costa Rica. You can book a tour for your entire family, with children and adults being welcome throughout the area.
Tours often include traditional Costa Rican meals and plenty of friendly service. For those who are ready to book their Costa Rica vacation package, adding in a trip to Tortuga Island is the ideal way to spend some time relaxing and exploring the wonder that this tropical paradise has to offer. While you are traveling to Costa Rica, you'll only have a short boat ride to the island. Once there, you can start the adventure or find the ideal beach to relax on.