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Los Sueños Costa Rica Fishing Permits

Date Published:
Oct 23, 2014
Los Sueños Costa Rica Fishing Permits

As the proud home of the annual Costa Rica World Billfish Series Championships, the Los Suenos Signature Billfish Series and now the first annual Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown, it’s really no wonder why the calm Pacific waters off of Los Suenos, Costa Rica are a world class fishing destination for both serious anglers and excited newcomers alike.

After booking your private charter with one of our knowledgeable agents, keep things running smoothly for your charter by familiarizing yourself with the Los Suenos Marina and Costa Rica sportsfishing permit requirements.

There are two ways to obtain your temporary fishing permit. The first way is to purchase your temporary fishing permit online at the INCOPESCA website.

Alternately, you may purchase your temporary permit in person at the INCOPESCA office, which is conveniently located just by the charter docks at the Los Suenos Marina.

Each member of your group who intends to fish will need to purchase a temporary fishing permit in accordance to Costa Rican law.

There are three types of permits that you may purchase from INCOPESCA. Details and pricing are as follows:


• $15 / 1-8 Day Permit. This is the ideal permit for a typical Costa Rican Vacationer who has booked a single or multiple fishing charters, all taking place within an eight day period of time.

• $25 / 30-Day Permit. This permit is for those of you on an extended vacation lasting longer than 8 days but no more than one month, with multiple fishing charters booked throughout your stay.

• $50 / 1 Year Permit. This is ideal for locals, or for anglers who book multiple Los Suenos fishing charter destination vacations throughout the year.

With the Costa Rican fishing license requirements made this easy – there is nothing to distract you from enjoying your full day offshore or inshore sportsfishing charter to the absolute fullest.

Now get out there and catch some fish!

- Adventure Tours Costa Rica