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Best Places for Zip Lines in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jan 31, 2019
Best Places for Zip Lines in Costa Rica

Set off on an unforgettable rainforest adventure and take a canopy tour to experience the best zip line rides Costa Rica has to offer.

Canopy Zipline Tour in Los suenos, Costa Rica

Thrills Above Jaco Beach

Some of the country’s most-thrilling zip-line rides are found just above one of the most popular beach towns in Costa Rica. In the mountains that overlook Jaco, you’ll find an incredible mix of amazing nature and high-adrenaline thrills. With just a short drive from the coastal enclave, you can immerse in a nature escape with a pristine waterfall and breathtaking expanse of tropical terrain. You are apt to spot white-faced monkeys swinging through the dense forest canopy and the brilliant plumages of scarlet macaws soaring before a verdant jungle backdrop. But it’s zip-line rides you came for and you won’t be disappointed by steep descents from elevated platforms that offer sweeping views over the Nicoya Peninsula.

Take a Tranopy Trip

Not far from Jaco lies a unique zip-line experience. Before you soar through the air on thrilling ziplines you can enjoy a tranquil ascent through the forest on an open-air tram. Keep your eyes peeled for an array of wildlife on your rise through the lush mountain landscape with waterfalls, hidden streams and exotic foliage. Ready for a wild ride? Climb the platforms and harness up to take on a series of 15 cables that guarantee a zip-line adventure you’ll never forget.

Aerial Tram in the Costa Rican rainforest

Glide in a Gondola at Arenal

For another lofty ride to some of Costa Rica’s best zip lines head to the area around the Arenal Volcano. Board a gondola and enjoy soaring views over the dramatic volcano and crystal blue Lake Arenal as you rise high above the forest canopy. The 30-minute Sky Tram ascent that glides over rolling hills offers the chance to take amazing images for your Instagram account. Enjoy more sweeping views from an observation deck before your ziplining begins. Then thrill along high-wire rides that fly over deep canyons and lush greenery.

Ride Through the Clouds at Monteverde

Among the cloud forests of Monteverde, you’ll find some of the country’s longest zip lines. Monteverde is also one of the most bio-diverse places in Costa Rica, with over 100 different mammal species, more than 400 bird species and thousands of unique plant species. You’ll also find an abundance of viewing platforms that connect cables that span wide stretches over lush mountainous terrain crossed by unique suspension bridges. A typical tour includes more than two-hours of high-adrenaline rides.

Two people at zapline in Costa Rica

Go Superman-Style at Diamante

While the dry tropical forests of Guanacaste may lack some of the lush attraction of other areas of Costa Rica, the zip lines don’t disappoint with wild aerial rides. Strap in Superman-style and go headfirst down a heart-pumping zip line that offers stunning views of the ocean and rugged mountain terrain. Enjoy the experience with a friend along dual lines that let you take a side-by-side ride in tandem. If you want the ride to last longer, climb aboard a mile-long line with ocean views all along the way.

Whichever Costa Rica zip line you choose, your outdoor adventures to tropical rainforests with views over picture-perfect coastlines are sure to create memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.