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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens
Natural Beauty

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens

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To visit one of the rarest and most breathtaking ecosystems on earth, how far does a nature lover have to go? If you’re staying at the Monteverde Lodge and Gardens, the answer is this: not far at all.

Just a short drive from the world-renowned Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Monteverde Lodge and Gardens offers visitors a chance to truly get to know the cloud forest. Breathe the misted air and fill your mind with kaleidoscopic color of the local wildlife for as long as you would like, and then return to sleek, modern accommodations to rest and let this unbeatable natural experience wash over you.

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Get to the Lodge, Get Out in Nature

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To get to the Monteverde Lodge and Gardens, you will have to travel from the lowlands into the Tilarán mountain range — that is, unless you are already in Monteverde. The lodge is only a brief walk away from downtown.

With your mind and heart filled to the brim with the views of lush, green mountain views, you will arrive at the lodge already feeling refreshed. Grab a delicious bite, get checked in, and get ready to enjoy some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful natural sights at the gardens. The on-site gardens are filled with Costa Rica’s national flower, the guaria morada, as well as blue porter weed and lantana.

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The flora you will see are stunning enough on their own, but they also attract some of the Monteverde region’s most interesting fauna.

If conditions are right, you might encounter a bright green emerald toucanet or a white-faced capuchin monkey, and you’re almost sure to see vibrantly colored butterflies almost everywhere you look. Check out the solar-heated pool and discover the famous lookout point. And don’t forget to come back at sunset.

Journey into Wild Monteverde

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Your journey into the Monteverde Cloud Forest begins as soon as you are ready. The Monteverde Lodge and Gardens is in a cloud forest reserve and is only minutes from several other reserves.

Breathe in the rainforest air and experience one of the most incredible and unique natural environments on earth.

A stay in Monteverde is all about taking it easy and relaxing, but you may want to pack in a little more action. During your stay, feel free to schedule some additional activities with the lodge. Click here to check out all the Monteverde tours we have to offer.

Monteverde Lodge and Gardens Accommodations

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The Monteverde Lodge and Gardens has 28 rooms, each of which includes a private balcony perfect for viewing the surrounding cloud forest.

All rooms come with a balcony hammock, free WiFi, pillowtop beds, turndown service, and bathrobes.

All guests receive an aluminum water bottle that they can take with them when they leave the lodge. And if you’re looking for something to fill the water bottle with, you don’t have to look far. A cutting-edge filtration system allows our lodge to provide water that is completely safe to drink throughout the facility.

Book an Unforgettable Trip to Unparalleled Natural Beauty

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No other Monteverde hotel takes you this close to the pinnacle of the natural beauty this world has to offer in such style. Enjoy the Cloud Forest and all the wonders it contains. Then, get back to the Lodge and Gardens to rest, recharge, and really take in your love of Costa Rica’s rainforest.

To book your stay at the Monteverde Lodge and Gardens or find another world-class Costa Rican travel experience, reach out to the friendly and helpful team at Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

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Monteverde Lodge and Gardens Amenities

Complementary breakfast
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Open fireplace

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