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El Silencio del Campo
Volcano Villas

El Silencio del Campo Hotel

Tucked in between Arenal Lake and the town of La Fortuna, El Silencio del Campo Hotel may remind you of summer camp if said camp was filled to the brim with luxury. Experience on site hot springs, pools and an open-air restaurant within the bungalows among lush tropical gardens.

This family-run retreat lives up to its name, which translates to “Silence of the Countryside."

Immerse Yourself in a Luxury Rustic Village Experience

The individual bungalows are designed to give you the impression of a small, quaint hamlet that sit along paths looping through the beautiful, well-manicured grounds. For a rustic yet chic feel, these accommodations have rich hardwood inside and outside, along with handcrafted furnishings in the traditional style.

Go for a Standard Villa, which features two queen-sized beds, or treat yourself to a king-sized bed and your own Jacuzzi in the Romantic Villa. If you have kids, bring the whole family along — the Family Chalet can comfortably fit five.

Enjoy Breakfast with Birds

Breakfast at our restaurant is an experience like no other. Sample traditional local fare, including handmade corn tortillas, gallo pinto, fresh fruit and organic eggs. Pair your robust local coffee with whole-grain bread, banana pancakes or go for the signature Oreo Frappuccino.

As great as that all sounds, what will truly make your breakfast memorable is all the exotic birds who will show up to watch you enjoy it, with their vibrant plumage.

For an indulgent dinner at the open-air eatery, try seafood such as shrimp and avocado salad or grilled tilapia. If you're vegetarian or just in the mood for some veggies, there are stuffed portobello mushrooms, eggplant dishes and a variety of salads. You can enjoy your dinner alongside the stunning garden views and take in the refreshing evening breeze. For casual lunch options, head up to the poolside bar and try a fajita or one of the specialty burgers.

If you give in to the temptation to indulge in dinner at the open-air eatery, you can enjoy seafood selections such as grilled tilapia or shrimp and avocado salad. Savor vegetarian options like eggplant dishes, stuffed portobello mushrooms, and a variety of crisp salads, all enjoyed with magnificent garden views and a refreshing breeze. For a casual lunch, stroll over to the poolside bar and order up a specialty burger or some delicious fajitas.

Hot Springs and Cool Pools

You'll have plenty of chances to splash, soak and swim on your getaway. There are several pools in various sizes that are fed by underground hot springs, and one of those pools is kept cool for refreshing plunges.

No matter how you decide to enjoy the mineral-filled waters, you can take in the native plants and gently swaying palms that surround these spots.

Tour the On-Site Farm

A natural hit with kids, El Silencio del Campo Hotel has a farm right on its grounds. You can collect eggs from the chickens in the early hours. If you are more adventurous, you can even milk a cow or feed a donkey.

Later on in the day, you can pick some fruit at the orchard and learn how the organic farm is providing the freshest produce possible for the restaurant.

Spa at Silencio del Campo

For those looking for even more relaxation, there's also the Aura Spa, which features treatments and massages.

It's time to de-stress and get away from it all at the serene Silencio del Campo!

El Silencio del Campo Amenities

  1. 23 villas (two villas for people with special limitations)
  2. Large green areas with gardens
  3. Reception area
  4. Large pool for adults, separate kid's pool
  5. Free parking area
  6. Complementary breakfast
  7. Onsite bar & restaurant
  8. WiFi internet
  9. Natural thermal water pools & springs
  10. Excellent volcano views throughout property
  11. Manicured gardens & landscaping
  12. Onsite spa
  13. Small farm with horses & cattle
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