What is Jaco, Costa Rica Known For?
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What is Jaco, Costa Rica Known For?

Date Published:
sept 05, 2022
What is Jaco, Costa Rica Known For?

What is Jaco, Costa Rica Known For?

While Jaco, Costa Rica is known far and wide as a popular beach town, it’s also full of plenty of other features that draw in visitors and Ticos alike. Whether you are taking a family trip or traveling solo, this Pacific coast city is worth a visit.

Is Jaco, Costa Rica Worth Visiting?

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If you are looking for an unforgettable getaway, Jaco, Costa Rica is definitely worth a visit. After you fly into the capital city of San Jose, this town is only a convenient 1.5 drive away. It's also jam-packed with plenty of things to see and do!

No matter what kind of vacation you dream of, you're likely to find it here. This Costa Rican hot spot is for any person or family who likes:

Beaches: If you're hoping to catch some rays or waves during your visit, Jaco is the place to be. Situated in a stunning stretch of the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this city boasts some of the best beaches in the country. Whether it's centralized Jaco Beach right off of the main street, the quiet surf of Playa Hermosa, Playa Herradura’s family-friendly vibes near Los Sueños, or the crystal waters and white sands of nearby Playa Blanca - you’re sure to find a beach to fulfill your greatest desires.

Nightlife: Jaco is the number one spot in Costa Rica to get your party on after dark. The variety of clubs and bars appeals to all kinds of preferences and budgets. From beach clubs to wine bars, the nightlife scene here is hopping.

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Local Flavor: Jaco is well-known for having some unbeatable spots to grab a bite to eat. Being so close to the World Capital of Sportfishing might have you craving some fresh and delectable sushi, spicy or coconut fish tacos, or a fancy grouper filet in a passion fruit sauce. There are also great restaurants featuring different international cuisines!

Meeting New People: Here you’ll find a favorite destination for traveling singles and those who like to get to know new acquaintances. The main strip is designed for crowds and community, with its nightclubs and casinos dominating the evening activities.

In addition to these things that Jaco is known for, it is full of souvenir stores, cute coffee shops, and fun bars to make your vacation rich with everything you need to have a splendid time.

Is Jaco, Costa Rica Good for Families?

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Jaco, Costa Rica isn’t just for singles and nightlife seekers. There are countless opportunities and adventures to be had for families who want to give their children the experience of a lifetime.

Make a first-class memory with your family by reserving a private day cruise to Tortuga Island. You’ll get the chance to see dolphins and sailfish, go snorkeling or kayaking, and enjoy the white sands and unspoiled beauty of the island.


Older kids love our ATV Canopy Waterfall Tour that has them cruising through the jungle, soaring through the trees on a zipline, and bathing in the natural wonder of a Costa Rican waterfall.

And if you want to take a quick trip down the coast, try booking a tour of the unmatched Manuel Antonio National Park. The beautiful flora and abundant wildlife will charm kids of any age - and adults, too!

Jaco, Costa Rica is an unbeatable destination for your next vacation - whether on your own, with friends, or with the whole family. Contact us today to book the perfect customized getaway!