Tour en ATV para pilotos experimentados | Los Sueños y Playa Jacó
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Jaco, Costa Rica

Tour de 7 Pueblos
4 horas

Tour de Cuadraciclo 4 horas

Con vistas espectaculares, emocionantes caminos , una auténtica comida costarricense y un receso en una catarata de 30 pies para nadar. Nuestro ATV Tour de 7 Pueblos - 4 horas, es el favorito de nuestros clientes.

Viva 100 kilómetros de bosque tropical, vistas a la playa, cascadas geniales y emocionantes caminos con su guía personal. El tour de 4 horas - Tour de 7 Pueblos lo tiene todo!

Espectaculares vistas y caminos, una cascada de 30 pies y una deliciosa y auténtica comida costarricense, hacen del tour de cuadraciclo de 4 horas nuestro “best-seller”.

Nuestro tour de 7 Pueblos es un tour de medio día y cubre cerca de 100 kilómetros de cascadas, ríos, bosque, campo, pequeños pueblos, bares escondidos y restaurantes.

Empezando con el mismo camino que nuestro Tour de La Paz, El tour de medio día es un circuito completo que cubre las montañas de Agüjas y llegando casi hasta Las Delicias

Al igual que el Tour de La Paz, comienza en las montañas directamente detrás de Jacó, y sigue más o menos hacia la mitad de la cima de la montaña.

Dejaremos los vehículos y haremos una corta caminata hasta una hermosa cascada de 35 pies - un lugar perfecto para darse un baño en medio de la selva y tomar algunas increíbles fotos. Si usted busca más adrenalina, la Cascada Pura Vida varios lugares para saltar en las posas.

Atv full day waterfall tour

Después de una breve parada, continuamos a través del bosque primario y por encima de la cadena de montañas. Más allá de la cima de la montaña se encuentra un hermoso mirador con vistas al océano, al sur vemos hasta Manuel Antonio, al oeste hasta la Península de Nicoya, y al norte hasta la ciudad portuaria de Puntarenas.

Continuamos por la cima de la montaña y por la selva hacia el tranquilo pueblo de Bijagual.

Al pasar por la iglesia, el campo de fútbol y el salón del pueblo, estamos por llegar al lugar donde nos espera un delicioso almuerzo en Paz Del Campo (cerrado los martes - deliciosa alternativa).

El restaurante y criadero de Tilapias, lugar escondido, no ofrece solo una de las mejores comidas típicas costarricenses que podrá probar, sino que también ofrece un ambiente sereno y divertido ya que puede pescar tilapias desde el puente del lago que los rodea. Deje los niños agarrar una caña de pescar y probar su suerte – muy divertido para los niños!

Una de las mejores comidas típicas costarricenses que podrá probar ... puede pescar tilapias desde el puente del lago que los rodea!

Póngase cómodo, relájese y disfrute de la serenidad de la exuberante selva tropical de Costa Rica durante el almuerzo.

Después de la increíble comida, empezará su camino de regreso a través de este paisaje inolvidable hasta llegar a nuestras oficinas de Adventure Tours en Jacó.

Muchos de nuestros más preciados clientes han dicho que esta fue su mejor experiencia en Costa Rica.


Las Condiciones de sendero y las capacidades de cada conductor pueden alterar nuestro tour, por lo tanto; las características antes mencionadas pueden no estar disponibles para todos los tours. Por favor, hable directamente con su guía el día de su tour para obtener una descripción actualizada del recorrido que harán, ya que las condiciones pueden cambiar a diario.

Si desea ver la vida salvaje costarricense, explorar paisajes impresionantes y probar la cocina tradicional Tica en el área de Los Sueños, este es el paseo en ATV para usted.

Día completo - Tour ATV

El Tour del Rey

  • Jaco, Costa Rica
  • Cuadraciclo (ATV)
  • Dia Completo Desde $189
  • Moderado

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Tour de Canopy en Los Sueños

Canopy Los Sueños

  • Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Canopy
  • 2 Horas Desde $65
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Tour Manglar con Monos

Tour de Monos en los Manglares

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  • Vida Silvestre
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Aventura Signature con Canopy, Cascada y ATV

Signature Combo Tour

  • Jaco, Costa Rica
  • Cuadraciclo (ATV)
  • Dia Completo Desde $159
  • Moderado

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Domonick P


I had a great time with Adventure Tours Costa Rica

Marcus H


Adventure Tours is really cool. They have tons of awesome things to do like an ATV tour that takes you through Costa Rica.

Pamela A


. I was having the time of my life riding the ATV across Costa Rica. We rhode through jungle and saw some pretty waterfalls along with local landmarks. It was a good length ride and the guides made sure to give history on everything that we encountered. It was a new treat of culture at every place that we stopped. You will leave feeling a lot more informed about life and the way of living for people in Costa Rica.

Chelsey B

Liberty, Florida

We heard about Adventure Tours Costa Rica through a friend of the family. They strongly recommended that we try it out so we did. We had a wonderful time on our vacation with you thanks to your energetic employees. They were so happy to be there you wouldn’t know they were the guides until they informed you they were. They added a special element to our time with them. Thanks for a wonderful time.

Lisa L

Santa Clara, California

Your employees are some of the most honest and professional people I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. I lost my wallet and could not find it anywhere. A few hours later a gentleman came up to me and tapped my shoulder. He handed me my wallet telling me that he had found it, and recognized my picture. I later found out he was an employee. Thank you couldn’t say how much I appreciate the gesture.

Connor R


I want to thank you guys for a wonderful vacation. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to book a tour because of my son having a handicap. I called and spoke with customer service fearing the worst. Customer service assured me that wouldn’t be an issue. They handled our ATV tour perfectly. I was amazed at how smooth the whole trip went. A-plus customer service from everyone we met.

Kevin G


I want to thank you guys for a wonderful vacation. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to book a tour because of my son having a handicap. I called and spoke with customer service fearing the worst. Customer service assured me that wouldn’t be an issue. They handled our ATV tour perfectly. I was amazed at how smooth the whole trip went. A-plus customer service from everyone we met.

Christopher V


Adventure tours Costa Rica rocks! I have never done so many new things in my life in one place. I got to go rafting on a river, surfing in the ocean, and drive 4 x 4‘s all over. The views were great and the food was to die for! When you go, you better be ready to have one heck of a time.

Brenden M


I took the ATV and monkey tours through Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The price was more than affordable and worth every dollar I spent. Friendly staff greeted us as soon as we arrived, and they were filled with information and were very helpful as well. I had so much fun there that I decided to buy my own ATV and find places to go where I live. I found a passion that I didn't realize I had until I went to Costa Rica. great work everyone.

Emmanuel M

Ontario, California

This is not your average tour. I have been on many guided tours in my life and this blows the rest out of the water. Top level customer service made this trip a five star easily. If you want a good time with great people then you need to get n contact with Adventure Tours Costa Rica to set up a time you won't soon forget. I can say that I am a huge fan of what you guys are doing, and look forward to more fun soon.

Jeremy S


You guys rock! I love how you took your surroundings and made it even more tranquil.I don't know what was the best part of the tour. From surfing with some pretty cool people, to taking ATVs all across the landscape. This was one of the most amazing times I have ever experienced. Just wanted to say thank you for such a good time. I will be recommending you to anyone that will listen.

Linda S

Sacramento, California

The land is stunning and the people are extremely friendly. If you plan to go and visit the area than consider the tours. They are affordable and worth every dime. Great job guys, keep up the great work.

Shawn M

Santa Clara, California

I had the most amazing time with Adventure Tours Costa Rica! From the moment that I arrived until the second I left, it was pure fun. Everyone there was so friendly and ready Mohave a good time. The tour is super affordable and they give you plenty to choose from. Perfect for anyone that Ikes a rush. Two thumbs way up from this guy!

Collin C

Sarasota, Florida

I highly recommend Adventure Tours Costa Rica to anyone looking for thrills or adventure. You can go on tours of the area and get a taste of some local food. The fishing is something to experience if that's something that interests you.

Rich m

Columbia, Florida

Three of my friends and I went on an ATV tour. I have driven four wheelers for years and this has to be one of the most memorable rides ever! We traveled through terrain, and got to see some beautiful spots while we learned a little about local culture. Delicious food as well.

Mike r


I Stumbled onto the tour by accident, but I am so glad that I did. The scenery was stunning and the staff was extremely friendly. They are very professional and go above and beyond to make your stay memorable. Thank you guys for making my time special. I recommend to anyone that like the outdoors or is looking for a good experience


Glen Rock, Minessota

Extraordinary ATV Adventure

My husband & another couple (we are in our 60's) visited Costa Rica for 10 days. We stayed at the Los Suenos Marriott 4 days. I found ATV Adventures online and all of our communications were excellent and prompt. They picked us up at the hotel and drove us to Jaco. We did the four hour tour, each of us on our own vehicle. We had a blast. The ride was fun and challenging but very doable. Our guide, Andres, was excellent & professional. The lunch site was unique and the food was wonderful. We highly recommend giving them a try



Total Blast!

We did the 4 hour ATV tour. Our guide led us through the mountains near Jaco to a natural swimming area in a river. It was beautiful - we had amazing views, were able to get the ATV really moving and the swimming was perfect. The highlight was probably lunch - the food was great and it was a beautiful setting. Overall, we have been on multiple ATV trips and this was one of the best!



EPIC 4 hour atv tour

Jorge was the man and took us to all the best spots in the Jaco area. Highly recommended and lunch was awesome!

Rich Forester


Great experience with type of weather thing that could happen. Heavy rain, and light hail making it really fun. I would do it again in a second. We saw awesome Mccaws and Monkeys, lots of horses and tons of beautiful rain forest.



We went on a four hour atv tour to the waterfall. Our tour guide, Louis, was so patient. It was my first time riding an atv. He was very knowledgeable about the area and had some good suggestions about other areas to see. Our lunch was the best typical Costa Rican lunch we have had anywhere. The scenery was terrific. We would definitely recommend this tour.

Michael B


This was an amazing experience! Our guide picked us up from our condo, drove us to the facility, and then made sure we knew how to use the ATVs properly. The ATVs ran great and we drove into the jungle for 4 hours (with a delicious meal!). To top off an amazing adventure, we were showed a beautiful waterfall with a terrific swimming hole.

Cathy K

Mary Land

We had lots of fun! Pretty adventurous for a couple of senior citizens. Splashing through muddy puddles on very rutty, potholed non-paved roads. First muddy splash you think “yuk!”...then “wheee!” on all the subsequent ones,



We did the ATV tour for the first time in costa rica. Alan was our tour guide and he was amazing. He knew where to take us, how much time to spend at each spot in order to make it back on time (we were zip lining after) and even took some pictures for us! It became a bit slippery and was hard going down hill but Alan helped us thru the whole experience! We had an amazing lunch at the tilapia farm and got to fish while we were waiting for it. Me and my friend both agree this was one of the best experiences we have ever had. Thank you guys!

Ehilli DH

Fort Lauradle

We had an absolutely amazing time on our trip to Jaco, Costa Rica because of the itinerary prepared for us by Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The ATVs were the best part! 4 hour trip of pure bliss as we rode on a mountain to a secluded waterfall. My boyfriend will never forget his 25th birthday after this!



Ours tour guides were amazing and made sure everyone enjoyed their adventure and stayed safe. The views were spectacular, the terrain was remarkable, and the ATV’s handled the mountains really well.

Will definitely do it again

ChrisBrown 2388

Atlanta, Gerogia

Best Company Ever! Thank you!

This is such an amazing company. I purchased 11 ATV rental for my brothers and I. It was a great trip. Amazing views. Good service. Good lunch service. Spoke great English. We even had a accident. They responded so well and under pressure. Took my brother to hospital. I can’t thank y’all enough. Thank you. Will always use them when I come back!


London, Canada

Amazing jungle tour on a four wheel Atv. Just like advertised and even better. Our guide(name has escaped me) was super knowledgeable, funny, friendly and professional. The sights, lunch, fishing, swim was all so memorable! Highly recommend this company. You do get muddy/wet so bring an extra pair of shoes you don’t care to get dirty!



Did this with a group of 6 friends & girlfriends. The guides were awesome, couldn’t have been more organized- safe and fun, complete blast!

Andrew Erni


Guide was excellent! The group was just us and absolutely perfect. Zero complaints. If its your first time coming to Costa Rica and can handle going on an ATV, this is a must! Would highly recommend!

Amanda M


My boyfriend and I went on this tour and it was absolutely amazing. Our guide picked us up from our hotel and he was so friendly and fun! He would stop to point out different plants and wildlife that were popular in the area which I really liked. He even stopped at scenic points for us to take photos! I wasn’t sure if I would’ve liked driving my own ATV for 4 hours up and down steep hills, so I rode on a two seater ATV and got to enjoy the incredible views throughout the ride. The restaurant where we had lunch was great and I would recommend this tour to anyone staying in Jaco!

Chris Dioguardi


This tour was the best part of my vacation. Let me start off with the ATV ride which was an absolute adrenaline rush. The views were breathtaking and the terrain was everything I imagined it being, and some. We drove through mud, puddles, up the mountains and through the rainforest. We captured stunning views of Jacó from the distance, including panoramic. My guide Gerald, was phenomenal from start to finish. He knew the area like the back of his hand and gave history lessons throughout. Gerald and I chatted the entire time as we coasted throughout. We went to a waterfall and explaining how unreal it was would do no justice. Beautiful. I would recommend this to anyone interested in the Pura Vida lifestyle. I plan on going back to CR and will contact this company again because there is so much more they offer that I want to experience. Lunch was amazing, the setting was in the mountains with the rainforest in the distance. Food was authentic and delicious. Thanks for an incredible time. I took back the Pura Vida lifestyle for sure. And by the way Gerald is a great photographer he snapped some sweet pics and shared them all with me through his GoPro.


North Dakota

We booked a side-by-side ATV tour into the rainforest to see the Pacayal waterfall. We had the best tour guide, Jatnael (or nickname Gemelo). He was so fun, very knowledgeable about Costa Rica, and spoke very good English. We were truly impressed that at his young age, he was very personable and respectful, and made sure that we were always safe and stopped to help whenever necessary on our short trek to the waterfall. He never seemed rushed, never seemed to mind when we wanted to stop to take photos and pointed out several things that we may have missed. We have taken several tours in our travels - but for the fun we had on this tour - we definitely both though this one was at the top of the list. Whichever option you chose - this is a great company to get out and see and experience the rainforest.


London, Canada

Amazing jungle tour on a four wheel Atv. Just like advertised and even better. Our guide(name has escaped me) was super knowledgeable, funny, friendly and professional. The sights, lunch, fishing, swim was all so memorable! Highly recommend this company. You do get muddy/wet so bring an extra pair of shoes you don’t care to get dirty!

Steve 7

League City, Texas

My friend and I did the 4 hour tour with lunch and had a blast. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. The trails were great and we even got to go to a cool swim


North Carolina

We did the 4 hour tour with lunch. The trails are beautiful and we had a lot of fun. The stop at the waterfall was a wonderful way to cool down and wash off the dirt. Lunch was great and the boys enjoyed trying to catch fish. This was a very enjoyable day overall.