Quinell M

Santa Maria ,California

My family had a great time learning to repel canyons. It was pretty challenging, but nothing that I couldn't get the hang of after some practice. This is a great idea for some fun family time.

Natalie U


This was a beautiful tour. I was so into it that I didn't realize the time had just passed by so quickly. 5 stars!

Wendy W


We went on a tour of Manuel Antonio National Park. It was a beautiful tour, filled with so much information. everyone had a great time learning about Costa Rica.

Anthony G


The rafting tour was pretty sick. the rapids were big and the trip was intense. It was very fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat..

William K


We went on a zip line and rafting package tour. The two tours were both really interesting. I had a lot of fun learning all that I did, would highly recommend this package deal to people.

Ned C

Santa Monica

It was a lot of fun trekking through the rainforest. We were enjoying it more when the guides would play mini games with us to see if we were paying attention. This was the best vacation trip ever.

Josh H

Santa Barbara,California

The jungle booze cruise was awesome. It was like the cherry on our adventure sundae.

Tristan W


The waterfalls were breathtaking. The ride was nice and it was a calming time as well. I would love to do it again.

Norberto V


This was a great package deal. I got the best of both worlds at a bargain rate. Thanks for the great prices on your tours

Sabrina M


The horseback tour was so calm and peaceful. I love riding horses, and to do so through such a lovely place was neat.

Lidya F


I got to go on the Manuel Antonio National Park All I can say is wow. The whole tour was stunning, and the staff was amazingly great! These guys at Adventure Tours Costa Rica are very professional

Billy R


You can't go wrong with planning a vacation through Adventure Tours Costa Rica. They give you a number of options to choose from and each option is fun. Great job!