October 15, 2023 Fishing Report
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October 15, 2023 Fishing Report

Date Published:
oct 15, 2023
October 15, 2023 Fishing Report

October 15, 2023 Fishing Report

Welcome to the second half of October fishing report from Los Suenos Marina, Costa Rica! As we transition into the latter part of the month, anglers can expect an abundance of fish both inshore and offshore. Inshore, the waters are teeming with species such as roosterfish, snook, and snapper, providing thrilling opportunities for anglers to land some exciting catches. Offshore, October is seeing great numbers of marlin, sailfish and mahi-mahi.

Mid-Late October Fishing Weather 🌡️🔥☔

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During the second half of October in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, anglers can expect a combination of both favorable and challenging weather conditions. On land, average temperatures range from 81°F-90°F. Inshore, the Pacific Ocean offers slightly cooler temperatures, averaging between 79-84°F. Offshore, the temperatures remain relatively consistent within that same range.

As October draws to an end, the green season will gradually begin to taper off, but you should still expect rainy conditions from late October into early-mid November. Although it can be wet, the rains offer major benefits for fishing enthusiasts targeting snapper and mahi-mahi. The precipitation drives smaller bait fish numbers, and with plenty of food to hunt, snapper and mahi thrive.

If you’re fishing in mid-late October, bring your rain gear. Choosing a charter boat with shaded seating and a comfortable cabin can also provide refuge from the rain as needed. It is common for it to be raining on land as we head out, but clear up out on the water. The key to enjoying your charter during the green season is to be prepared for any kind of weather.

Offshore Bites 🐟⚓

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Offshore fishing in Los Suenos during the second half of October offers a thrilling opportunity to target mahi mahi, sailfish, and marlin. Mahi Mahi are in their peak season throughout October and November. Anglers can reel in these colorful fish using a variety of techniques, including trolling with brightly colored lures or live bait.

Sailfish and marlin remain abundant year-round in the waters off Los Suenos. These two species are highly sought after by anglers worldwide and Costa Rica has gained a reputation as a prime destination for targeting them. When it comes to sailfish, trolling with live bait or ballyhoo is an effective method. These acrobatic fish are known for their impressive aerial displays and fierce fighting spirit, making every encounter exhilarating.

For those who specifically seek marlin, the best method is usually trolling with artificial lures or large live bait such as bonito or skipjack tuna. Billfish are known for their immense strength and size, putting anglers to the test with their powerful runs and jumps. Patience and persistence are key when targeting marlin.

Inshore Bites 🐠🎣

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Inshore fishing in Los Suenos, Costa Rica during the second half of October offers anglers the opportunity to target a variety of exciting species, including snapper, snook, and roosterfish. October is considered the peak season for snapper, making it an ideal time for anglers to focus on these prized fish. The best methods for catching snapper inshore typically involve using live bait such as shrimp, pilchards, or mullet, as well as artificial lures like soft plastics or jigs. Snook can be targeted using similar techniques. Live bait such as mullet or sardines, as well as lures like topwater plugs or jerk baits, can entice these elusive fish.

Roosterfish provide a thrilling challenge for inshore anglers with their striking appearance and strong fighting ability. These fish can be targeted by trolling live bait or casting artificial lures such as poppers or bucktail jigs. Roosterfish are often found near rocky shorelines, beaches, and river mouths, where they can ambush their prey.

Book Your Charter 📲📅

As we wrap up our rainy season here in Los Suenos, we want to remind anglers that there are still spaces available for last-minute charters. If you're looking to book a fishing trip over the upcoming holidays, now is the time to get your reservation booked. Our charters offer exciting opportunities to catch a variety of fish, both offshore and inshore. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to experience the thrill of Los Suenos sport fishing!