Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2021
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Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2021

Date Published:
abr 01, 2021
Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2021

Costa Rica Fishing Report April 2021

Off the Hook Fishing in Costa Rica

It has been an excellent month for fishing in Costa Rica. Early season bites of Dorado and Snapper, and anglers are reporting a host of catches. Enjoy the sun, sea, and expert Captains who can share the best local fishing spots. Head out to Los Suenos to the best spots.

Catch and release your prize fish. Get your camera ready. Capture memories. Costa Rican waters offer you year-round, world-class sport fishing.

Weather and Sea Conditions

March through April is the hottest weather of the year on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Highs around 86 to 96 °F (30-37 °C) and low temperatures of 76 to 86 °F (25-30 °C). Rain still cools things off many afternoons on the Caribbean coast, and average daytime highs are 80 to 88 °F (27-31 °C). The average sea temperature in Puntarenas is 29.4°C (84.9°F). Water temperature between 25°C (77°F) and 29°C (84.2°F).

Warm seas and a bounty wait for you. Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi. Though you may need a long run to reach the best spots in the north.

Get Hooked on Costa Rica

At Los Suenos Marina

In Costa Rica, you are never far away from some of the best fishing grounds in the world. Costa Rica enjoys a unique climate and geography that brings the big game fish near the shores. You can go sportfishing all year round – you will never be far from a great location, and great catch.

The Bite is Red-Hot

Costa Rica hosts many billfish competitions. The recent Signature Triple Crown event (Jan-March) saw red hot billfish bites. 182 Anglers competed and released a total of 1001 billfish – 952 Sailfish and 48 Marlin. A grand average of over 26 fish per boat.

On the Sea Fix, top non-professional angler, Fran Johnson, Jr. released 9 Sailfish and 2 Marlin to earn 1900 points.

Wide Selection of Red-Hot Bites This Month


These amazing fish have fanning dorsal fins and the bite is hot this month. December through April is peak season. The top three spots for landing a giant Roosterfish are Los Suenos and the Osa Peninsula. You can try slow trolling live bait (Threadfin, Sardines, Mullet, etc.), casting surface bait, or bottom fishing.

Rooster fish at Los Suenos

Sailfish - The Need for Speed

These billfish, pound for pound, are not as strong as Marlin, but you do need endurance and strength to land these fighters. International billfish tournaments happen at this time of year. From mid-January to the end of April - the Sailfish season is hot.

They are the fastest fish in the world, reaching a top speed of 68 MPH. Sailfish jump, drop bait, and are damn fast. You can use a variety of live bait for Sailfish such as Blue Runners, Threadfin Herring, Goggle Eyes, Speedos, and many more.

Marlin 365 Days a Year

Peak bite season is between the beginning of January and the end of April, but you can catch Marlin throughout the year. There are natural concentrations of bait over bumps and shelves in the ocean where you can Marlin feed. Los Suenos and Quepos are the most popular spots.

Black Marlin peak season is a little later – April to May. Striped Marlin are caught regularly. Marlin are aggressive fish and experts suggest they respond well to trolling with lures, splash, and bubble trails. Use live bait, anything from the waters that Marlins are feeding in, to land this fighter.

Los Suenos Fishing Charters and Local Knowledge

Yellowfin Tuna at Los Suenos

Los Suenos is world-famous for its big game fish (Yellow Fin Tuna too, that can take a deep dive!) and the spectacular billfish. Costa Rica has a wealth of fishing options, whether it is inshore, offshore, freshwater lakes, or rivers.

Expert charter Captains can help you plan, navigate, and get your hook ready to land a big one. Sailfish. Marlin. Dorado. Roosterfish. Sailfish. Big game fish and many, many more.

Plan your Costa Rica fishing adventure today.