August 15, 2023 Fishing Report
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August 15, 2023 Fishing Report

Date Published:
ago 15, 2023
August 15, 2023 Fishing Report

August 15, 2023 Fishing Report

August at Los Suenos Marina is a fisherman's paradise! With summer in full swing, anglers are enjoying the plentiful fish found both near the shore and out at sea. The vibrant waters of this season attract a diverse selection of species, giving anglers a chance to reel in a variety of highly desirable fish.

Los Suenos is a world-renowned epicenter for sportfishing enthusiasts. Our lively inshore waters filled with Roosterfish, Snapper, and Grouper, as well as the vast offshore depths where Sails, Marlin, Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and Tuna await us. We’re enjoying an abundance of opportunities and some thrilling catches right now.

Mid-Late August Fishing Weather 🌡️🌦️💧

Anglers can expect rain to be a factor during the second half of August as we move deeper into Costa Rica’s green season. Short but heavy rainfall has been punctuating our early mornings and later afternoons for the past month or two. We’re usually either just heading out or back at the marina by the time the showers begin, but when you’re fishing out of Los Suenos in August, you should be prepared for some rain here and there.

The temperatures on land are characteristically toasty. We’re seeing averages of around 83-88°F on most days, with higher humidity at around 80% on average that makes it feel even warmer. We’re on track to see about 6.5 inches of rain for the entire month of August, which is typical for this time of year. Sea temperatures are ranging from around 81-84°F offshore, which suits a variety of warm water loving fish perfectly. Dorado especially enjoy these tropical waters, as do Wahoo and Snapper. To make the most of your August fishing trip, you need to make sure you’re prepared for the weather. Bring along some lightweight and breathable rain gear, waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses with a sport strap and a ballcap or a similar, tightfitting hat with a brim to keep the water and sun out of your eyes.

Offshore Bites ⚓🛥️🐟

Blunt-faced, fully-dorsaled, bright and colorful, and chalking up speeds in quick bursts that reach up to 50 miles per hour, Mahi (Dorado) range both inshore and offshore to hunt their prey. We’re catching Dorado in a variety of ways, from rigging, to plugs, to jigs, to live bait, to lures. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves pulling in a Mahi while targeting Billfish. As warm water dwellers, Dorado love the tropical temperatures out in the Pacific right now, and we’re seeing them in peak numbers for August. Low in mercury and incredibly healthy to eat, Mahi is a delicious and versatile fish that can be prepared many ways. From mouth-watering ceviche to pan-seared with butter, Mahi Mahi always makes an exceptional meal.

Though their peak season has passed, we’re still seeing Yellowfin Tuna, which is typical year round in Costa Rica. We’re also moving out of Marin peak season now, though we continue to see them every month of the year in Los Suenos.

Inshore Bites 🐠🍣⛵

The stars of August for inshore fishing in Los Suenos are Snapper. We’re seeing vast numbers of Cubera Snapper and Pacific Reds, both of which present thrilling opportunities and a delicious meal. Cautious and reserved, Snapper tend to hide themselves among flotsam and at the edges of reefs and other formations inshore. We’ve been having some luck bottom fishing with live bait, including baitfish, shrimp, and squid. Another technique is jigging, where anglers lure Snapper by mimicking baitfish through alternating between jerking and retrieving in quick motions. Casting lures in a variety of colors and sizes can also be effective in enticing a Snapper to strike. Once on the hook, Snapper are tough fighters and will put your skills to the test.

Book Your Charter 📲✈️

To ensure your spot for Los Suenos Sportfishing, reach out to one of our agents. They can help you with anything from a single charter reservation to a complete vacation package including a condo or hotel stay, transportation, and any other adventures you want to do during your time here. Spaces are limited and demand is high, but we still have some spaces left for fishing Los Suenos. Don’t delay!