Is Jaco Costa Rica a Party Town?
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Is Jaco Costa Rica a Party Town?

Date Published:
nov 04, 2023
Is Jaco Costa Rica a Party Town?

Is Jaco Costa Rica a Party Town?

Welcome to one of Costa Rica's most sought-after destinations - Jaco Beach! While Jaco is well known for its vibrant nightlife including a plethora of options for partygoers, to call it a “party town” is to greatly underestimate everything on offer here. If you’re looking for a party, Jaco certainly delivers with its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and impressive array of bars, restaurants, clubs, casinos, and pubs.

However, let’s not overlook the town’s other incredible qualities, including a thriving international culinary scene that caters to practically every dietary need, its sandy beaches perfect for relaxing, surfing and water sports, or its geographical positioning that places Jaco within a stones-throw of SJO Airport, two incredible national parks, one of the largest natural capuchin monkey habitats in Costa Rica, a marina full of world-class fishing charters, and a staggering array of adventure-filled tours and excursions that are certain to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

To understand Jaco to its fullest, you’ll need to understand some of what is available in this incredible town. Read on for our insights into what makes Jaco the perfect destination for a wide variety of travelers, including couples, families with children, luxury-seekers, thrill-seekers, party-people, surfers, students and more.

Nightlife for Party-Seekers:

If you're a party seeker looking for an unforgettable experience, Jaco is the place to be. This vibrant town boasts an impressive nightlife scene, with a myriad of bars, restaurants, and clubs that cater to every taste. For a laid-back beachy atmosphere, head to popular spots like Clarita’s, a beachfront bar offering delicious cocktails and ocean views. If you enjoy a sports bar vibe with activities like foosball and billiards, try the Beach Bar. If you're in the mood for a city-style clubbing experience, Orange Pub is a go-to destination, featuring top DJs, energetic crowds, and an electric atmosphere. If you are more into a mellow, low-key experience, find a barstool at The Beer House, and enjoy a fantastic variety of microbrews on tap that are sure to make the beer lover in you rejoice. Even more impressive than the sheer number and variety of bars and clubs in Jaco are the frequent drink specials that can be found around town, ensuring that you can sip on your favorite libations without breaking the bank.

Family Friendly Restaurants:

For vacationers who are not interested in the late-night party scene, dinner in Jaco is sure to please. The town boasts an impressive selection of 4 and 5-star restaurants that are guaranteed to tantalize taste buds. For a romantic setting and delectable cuisine, look no further than Graffiti Restro Cafe, renowned for its fusion of international flavors and creative dishes like the grilled octopus with sweet potato and chipotle aioli. Another must-visit is Lemon Zest, where you can savor dishes such as the mouthwatering lobster mac and cheese or the succulent grilled ribeye steak. Jaco's thriving international culinary scene ensures that even the pickiest of eaters will find something to enjoy. From the authentic Mediterranean flavors at Amara Costa Rica to the Asian fusion delights at Arigato Sushi, there are endless possibilities to explore. In addition, Jaco's restaurants are well-equipped to accommodate various dietary needs, including Kosher, vegan, and vegetarian fare.

Tours for Thrill-Seekers:

For thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, Jaco is a paradise filled with adrenaline-pumping tours that will leave you breathless and craving for more. One of the must-try experiences is the Los Suenos Canopy Zipline, where you can soar through the treetops and embrace the exhilarating sensation of flying. If you prefer to keep closer to the ground, ATV tours will take you on off-road journeys through lush jungles and rugged terrains, providing a thrilling ride with stunning views. For those with a passion for fishing, Los Suenos fishing charters offer an opportunity to reel in some incredible catches, such as marlin, sailfish, and dorado. Just a 1 hour south in Manuel Antonio, you can also embark on thrilling river rafting adventures. The Savegre, Naranjo, and El Chorro rivers offer a range of whitewater rapids suitable for different skill levels. If you're up for a mix of adrenaline and exploration, don't miss out on canyoning and rappelling or jet ski tours along the stunning coastline of Manuel Antonio.

Tours for Nature-Lovers:

For nature enthusiasts, Jaco offers an abundance of captivating tours that allow you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of the area. A guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park is a must-do, where you can explore the diverse ecosystems and encounter fascinating wildlife such as monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds. Carara National Park is another gem, known for its incredible bird watching opportunities and its population of scarlet macaws. For a day of relaxation and exploration, a cruise to Tortuga Island on a Catamaran allows you to soak in the sun, snorkel and swim in turquoise waters, and enjoy a delicious buffet-style lunch at a private beach station on the sand. Embarking on a rainforest horseback waterfall tour is a magical way to witness the beauty of the local rainforest. If you're interested in exploring the unique mangrove ecosystems, the Damas Monkey Mangrove tour and the Crocodile Mangrove tour in Tarcoles provide unforgettable experiences. From birdwatching tours to full-day Waterfall adventures, Jaco and its surrounding towns are ready to take you on an incredible adventure into nature.

So is Jaco a Party Town?

Ultimately, Jaco is what you need or want it to be - it’s up to you! It’s one of Costa Rica’s most versatile destinations, which is probably the secret to its popularity. While Jaco unquestionably offers a vibrant nightlife scene, what is available in and around Jaco goes far above and beyond. Families with children can enjoy a fun-filled vacation with plenty of amenities and activities to keep the little ones entertained. Couples seeking a romantic getaway can indulge in fine dining experiences at upscale restaurants and savor intimate moments in this tropical paradise. Adventure seekers will find themselves in awe of the adrenaline-pumping tours and excursions available, while nature lovers can explore the stunning national parks, participate in birdwatching tours, and immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of the mangroves. In short, Jaco offers a multifaceted experience, making it an ideal destination for partygoers, families, couples, or people who enjoy a little bit of everything.