Monteverde Tree Climbing Experience
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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Tree Climbing Experience
Climb Into the Cloud Forest

Climb Into the Cloud Forest with the Tree Climbing Experience

Monteverde tree climbing experience-

Hugging the massive trunk of a tropical tree, you ascend higher and higher into the lush, green, misty canopy, and the voices of your companions grow fainter.

You are entering an entirely new ecosystem — one you have never experienced before, and one you will never forget. This is the tree climbing experience at Arboreal Tree Climbing Park.

The first park of its kind in all of Costa Rica, this attraction in the Monteverde Cloud Forest takes visitors as high as 66 feet into the unforgettable cloud forest canopy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reach the Costa Rican sky and take in all the natural beauty from above. Read on to learn more about the tree climbing experience.

A Tree Climbing Circuit for All

The tree climbing experience offers four trees of varying difficulty levels and heights, so visitors of any experience and fitness level can find a tree that’s right for them. The smallest tree can take climbers 33 feet into the air, while the tallest reaches 66 feet.

Each tree is different in a variety of ways — different species, different curves, and different heights. When you take on the Arboreal Tree Climbing Park, you are in control. You get to decide which trees you climb, set your pace and let loose and glide safely to the ground when you’re ready.

Every climb is a unique adventure waiting for you to discover it.

Situated directly inside the Monteverde Cloud Forest, this experience allows you to get to know this unique ecosystem from a new perspective and truly take it all in.

Friendly to Families and the Environment

Tree climbing tours in Costa Rica must always operate with respect for our beautiful natural environment. Our tree climbing experience is both friendly to the environment and friendly to families of all kinds.

Instead of installing harmful traditional climbing implements, this tour uses a system specially designed to do no harm to these giants of the forest and provide a 100 percent safe climbing experience. The system uses automatic belays that allow you to control the climb but kick into gear when you are descending to bring you to the ground gently and safely.

Monteverde tree climbing experience

Kids, older adults, and everyone in between can enjoy this unique experience.

Because you get to set your own pace and choose your own climbing challenges, you can find a tree that suits your individual needs to the letter.

Everything You Need to Be a Tree Climber Extraordinaire

Monteverde tree climbing tour

Tree climbing tours begin at 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m.

While this experience is generally safe for all, there are a few restrictions:

You must be at least 3 feet and 5 inches tall and under 330 pounds in weight to participate.

If you have an existing health problem, you will not be allowed to participate in intense climbing activity.

    Monteverde tree rappel tour

    Book Your Tree Climbing Experience Today

    In terms of natural experiences that stay with you for a lifetime, there’s nothing quite like tree climbing in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

    A chance to commune with nature from above is simply hard to beat, and you can take advantage of this opportunity by booking your tree climbing tour today.

    To book a tour or get more information, reach out to Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Give us a call at 1-800-761-7250 or reach out to us via our online contact form.
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