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Spa Treatments in Costa Rica



We also offer a range of spa treatments in the Jaco and Los Suenos area to meet each individual's unique needs. We offer over tens years of hands on experience and a combined total of over 2,000 hours of instruction. We are proud to offer the following treatments:

Coco Scrub - $60natural oil and coconut for a massage in Playa Jaco Costa Rica

Application - We prepare your skin with a lotion that cleans and hydrates the skin. This is followed by a penetrating massage focused on your specific areas of tension.

The sophisticated texture of the scrub provides your entire body with nourishment while hydrating the skin. This product is all-natural and hypoallergenic.  

Salt Scrub - $60

Application, 15-20 minutes in the affected areas with the most tension. It is not necessary to use soap as the salt removes the impurities.

We prepare your skin with a full-body cream that absorbs quickly and leaves no oily feeling. This is followed by a short massage that avoids the sensitive area of your skin.

natural ingredients for a massage in the Los Suenos, Costa Rica areaCoffee Scrub - $60

First we clean the skin with a formula for your delicate skin. We then apply an antiseptic tonic using a soft massage technique for 5 to 10 minutes. We finish the treatment with water and apply a one-time skin hydrator.

Cellulite and Detoxification Treatment - $110

We gently apply a firming extract with a soft massage.  We follow this with a firming cream applied using a special cellulite-reduction massage technique. Next we apply a reducing mask and firming agents. To finish we do a quick lymphatic drainage.

* This treatment is recommended for the arms, abdomen and the gluteus region.


woman getting a facial in the Los Suenos area of Costa RicaMini-Facial - $50

To begin, we remove any make-up with a cleansing agent applied using a cotton tonic applicator for the contoured areas around your eyes and lips. We then apply a cleansing cream mask to extract toxins and tone your face and neck with a soft and soothing massage. We finish by applying a replenishing hydrating cream.

Facial - $90

We start with an exfoliating cream to remove all dead skin cells and prepare your skin for the treatment. We then apply a strengthening cream to your entire face. We apply a formula to the skin that has essential nutrients and vitamins that energize and regenerate healthy skin cells, and help fight against signs of aging. We then apply a vitamin rich mask, and massage any problem areas to help restore the elasticity of the skin. We moisten your face with water, and apply a hydro-nutrient formula. We finish this treatment with a spray for your face and neck that tones and softens the skin.

aloe and other natural essentials for a massage in Jaco Beach areaAlleviating Sunburn - $65

We apply aloe vera and vitamins A & E to the affected areas. This treatment has a hydrating and soothing effect.

Natural Mud Treatment - $60

This treatment typically lasts 45 minutes. We apply 4 to 5 milligrams of clay/mud to the entire body and face. The mask helps to clean your pores as well as purify and strengthen your skin. The treatment is finished by applying a clay based cleaning solution to your entire body and face.

Algae Treatments - $90

Algae treatments are creams that restore elasticity, provide rich nutrients, and moisturize the skin. This is ideal for aged, or "Orange Peel" skin. These youth-restoring algae-based creams are applied by continual massage that last approximately one hour.

hands and feet getting a massage in the Jaco Beach areaReflexology - Hand and Foot Treatment - $60

Using reflexology techniques, the hour-long massage focuses on pressure points in the head, hands and feet.  The feet are a reflection of the entire body, working with the feet has curative properties for the entire body.

Spa Manicure - $35

After a complete manicure we apply a base protection over every nail, making sure to select the proper polish with vitamin and hydrating action for the surface care, and health of each one.

Spa Pedicure - $40

After a complete pedicure we apply a base protection over every nail, making sure to select the proper polish with vitamin and hydrating action for the surface care, and health of each one.

"- Most gratifying experience after a day of pure adrenaline"

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